Me you ask, the me now is so much different then the person responsible for me writing most of what will probably land on these pages.

I’m not a writer, in fact, every essay or piece of written work I’ve done have always come back with the same comments of not sticking to the point, or the story being seemingly random. So, if you must judge, at least be kind about it 🙂

I’m a healthy, successful, 33 almost 34 year old guys, from two very good families (parents divorced) with extremely loving parents and siblings. That said, somehow I struggled with suicidal thoughts from the age of probably around 7, until after my third attempt at age 31.

So no, I don’t know what it means to be abused, or neglected and I cannot even imagine the impact, but I do know how it feels to say goodbye…and wake up alive.

This is not a self help blog or any such shit, it’s me speaking into the void.